Memorial News

The artist's impression at the top of this page is now somewhat misleading. Because of the redevelopment of the City Centre (and weight considerations), the memorial has been moved to a new location further down Paragon Street, adjacent to Toni & Guy's. Although we preferred the original proposal, the new location is still extremely relevant as it was an area suffered extreme wartime destruction during the raids of the 7th/8th and 8th/9th May 1941.City Centre works pushed that back until autumn 2017. Not a problem for our team, but we have been asked over and over by the people of Kingston upon Hull to

While our original plan was to unveil the memorial in 2015, this became impossible, as outlined above. We ended up settling on an autumn 2017 date, but no ... the people of Hull have asked us to put the memorial on hold until 2018 as 2017 is a year of celebration for The City, 2018 is a year for commemoration. The date we have been asked for over and over is the7th/8th and 8th/9th May 2018 - and so the date has now been set. Currently, we are thinking of making it 8th, but we shall see as, ultimately, it is up to the people when The People's Memorial is unveiled.

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